TCM Summer Under the Stars 2015

My picks for TCM's annual Summer Under the Stars film festival (August 1 - August 31).

1. Gene Tierney (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir) Leave Her to Heaven
2. Olivia de Haviland (The Adventures of Robin Hood) The Heiress
3. Adolphe Menjou (Stage Door)
4. Teresa Wright (Shadow of A Doubt)
5. Fred Astaire (You Were Never Lovelier)
6. Michael Caine (Hannah and Her Sisters)
7. Katharine Hepburn (Alice Adams)
8. Raymond Massey (East of Eden*) The Fountainhead
9. Robert Walker (The Clock, Strangers on a Train)
10. Joan Crawford (Sadie McKee)
11. Rex Ingram (The Talk of the Town)
12. Robert Mitchum (Till The End of Time*)
13. Ann Margaret (Pocketful of Miracles)
14. Groucho Marx ---- Can’t recommend anything
15. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (Sinbad the Sailor*)
16. Patricia Neal (A Face in the Crowd, Hud)
17. Lee J. Cobb (On the Waterfront)
18. Vivien Leigh (Gone With the Wind)
19. John Wayne (McLintock!) The Shootist
20. Mae Clarke (Waterloo Bridge*)
21. Alan Arkin (Wait Until Dark)
22. Marlene Dietrich (A Foreign Affair)
23. Debbie Reynolds (The Catered Affair)
24. Warren Oates --- Can’t recommend anything
25. Virginia Bruce (The Great Ziegfeld*)
26. Greta Garbo (Flesh and The Devil) Love
27. Monty Wooley (The Bishop’s Wife) Since You Went Away
28. Ingrid Bergman (Gaslight) Notorious
29. George C. Scott (Patton*) Truth is, I probably won’t watch this
30. Gary Cooper (Mr. Deeds Goes to Town) High Noon
31. Shelly Winters (A Patch of Blue) A Place in the Sun

* Haven’t seen
Italics = better choice, not in line up


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