Sunday, October 20, 2013

notice things closely, and remember

Walk the boardwalk, circle the turret, pass the weeping willow
and the ducks and swans to the bench just beyond.
North Bay Park, Ypsilanti, Michigan (2013)

"And remember in noticing such landmarks that you may want to use your knowledge of them some day for telling some one else how to find his way, so you must notice them pretty closely so as to be able to describe them unmistakably and in their proper order. You must notice and remember every by-road and footpath.

Remembrance of these things will help you find your way by night or in fog 
when other people are losing themselves.

In a word, "keep cool, make yourself comfortable, 
leave a record of your travels, 
and help your friends to find you.""

When Lost in the Woods section 
Scouting for Girls: The Official Handbook of the Girls Scouts (circa 1920)

Parking lot
North Bay Park, Ypsilanti, Michigan (2013)


d smith kaich jones said...

when i was a sophomore in high school, on the first day of my creative writing class, the teacher took us all outside, walked us around the school and here and there. just took us for a walk, or so we thought - when we got back to the classroom, she gave us an assignment: "write down what you just saw. describe in detail." well, of course, we hadn't noticed anything, we were 10th graders, after all, just interested in each other and ourselves. (i believe i told this story somewhere on my blog, but can't remember - i'm having a very deja vu moment.) it taught me a lot.

i've always thought she was such an amazing teacher, and she was, but now i see from where her inspirations may have come. at least one.

thank you. and i love these images. that swoop of a curve in the second one takes me.

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