Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a place to put things

I could write a long post explaining my absence here.

But no, not that.

I could write about how the purpose for this space has changed, even if those changes aren't obvious. (Or maybe they are. Maybe I'm more transparent than I know). Either way, it matters not.

I could write a long list of what this blog is and isn't, define it, neatly, so passersby know what to expect (or not to expect).

But no, not that either.

What it is, is this:

a place to put things.

I could go on to define what kinds of things so everything would be tidy and clear.

But no, not that.

Just a place for things that need somewhere to go.


Daisy Yellow said...

I'd rather not know what to expect!

d smith kaich jones said...

the older i get, late bloomer that i am, i understand that is less about passersby understanding, that tidiness is overrated. that there are things important enough to have their own place.


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