Friday, June 8, 2012

let's talk about love

"Love is the answer to everything. It's the only reason to do anything."
(Ray Bradbury)

What he said!

This is easy to forget, especially with creative things.  One minute you're completely on fire for your art and the next minute you're distracted by any number of things.  No matter how far you wander, though, your heart will lead you back.  It's true! 

Also true: The Daisy Yellow Zine #5 is smokin' hot off the digital presses and ready to download and inspire you!  In addition to the colorful art, gorgeous photography, and helpful prompts and ideas you are used to from Daisy Yellow, it includes articles from many contributors, including one from yours truly called A Reminder From the Heart Department that speaks to this very topic.

In honor of the release, Daisy Yellow has generously donated 2 complimentary copies for me to give away through this blog.

To enter the drawing, please leave a comment below (please include your email address and name - you can't win if I don't know who you are) and list 3 things you truly love about practicing your art, with "art" used broadly to include writing, knitting, cooking, gardening, etc. 

Entries will be accepted through 11:00 p.m. my local time (U.S. EDT), Wednesday, June 13th.  Winners will be chosen by a random generator tool and notified by email.

3 things I love about mixed media/art journaling:

1. the random paintings that result from wiping excess paint off brushes onto deli sandwich paper

2. the triumph I feel when I finish binding a new journal to work in

3. rearranging collage materials, the process of adding and subtracting and that click (aha!) when it all fits together

Over to you!

Double your chances of winning!  Get a second entry by adding me on twitter @boodzoo and letting me know you left a comment here so I can match it up!


d smith kaich jones said...

fun!!! these 3 things apply to both painting and writing:

1. i love the way the clock moves without my noticing. time truly does fly.

2. i love the non-thinking that allows me to make perfect "mistakes", which are never mistakes at all.

3. i love when i look/read later - long after a piece is finished - and i am genuinely surprised it came from me.

and even if i don't win, i love that you made me think about this. sometimes i forget.


missham said...

3 things I love about mixed media/art journaling:
1) doing it with my kids
2) finding images and using in art journal
3) Just loving process of doing art
Melissa N

Teddi said...

oh my goodness! i like being creative through painting, drawing, writing, & doing collage. i feel happy when i make something. plus, it's a fun way to express myself. i own zines 1-4, & they are marvelous! :)


Vicki said...

1. It is relaxing , blissful.
2. It makes me feel creative and free.
3. Usually I'm happy with the finshed product.

Ardor71 said...

The three things I most love about photography and mixed media art include (but are certainly not limited to)
1. The endless possibilities that both mediums offer and the fact that they can be combined or done separately depending on the mood and desire outcome!
2. Capturing bits of my life, time, and others. I always reflect on what I will be leaving behind of myself and my vision for my children and theirs.
3. The pure self-expression, freedom and release I have to be myself and create something with my hands and imagination! It is an epic love affiar <3

Karenann Young said...

The three things I love about art is
1. Taking what seems like ordinary paper and some kind of color, arranging it and coming up with something that no one has done before.
2. Getting my hands dirty with glue and paint!
3. Getting new ideas from other artists, TV or just thinking about art! It just makes me feel good!
karenannyoung at yahoo dot com
You know my addy!

Paual said...

1. It's my therapy...paint, glue, scissors, and paper...what could be better?
2. The element of surprise: I start out with something in mind,but it never happens just that way, or sometimes, even close. Yet, I love it!
3. I'm creating my story; something for someone to pick up later and get lost in, just the way I get lost in others' works.

Sandra L. said...

3 things I love about mixed media/art:

1. The way it can make me feel better if I'm having a bad day

2. The wonderful people I've met through blogs, art retreats, etc.

3. The chance to make something I can leave behind--my own story.


Judy H in NC said...

1. There is no wrong or right way.
2. How you can both lose yourself and find yourself at the same time.
3. You don't have to be an expert at it to enjoy it.

Serena said...

1. The exhilarating heart tug of a new idea is addictive
2. The perfectly crafted sentence that you can't stop reading (even though you wrote it)
3. Satisfaction and release

P.S. I started following you on Twitter (@notmiranda)!

Natasha said...

The three things I love the most are:
The focus on process
There are no rules or mistakes
Getting messy and playing

liberal sprinkles said...

Three things I love most are:
- how therapeutic art is
- how happy I am when I'm making art and when I'm done with a piece
- the pleasure I see on faces when I give them something I've made.

Thanks for the chance to win Tammy's zine!

liberalsprinkles at gmail dot com

Nancy said...

3 things I love about writing in my journal:

1) That I can put thoughts and comments down on paper BEFORE I say them, which helps me decide whether to loose them upon the world at all.
2) That I've been writing in a journal for 28 years and if I go back and read somthing I wrote years ago, I can remember SO MUCH about where/when I was when I wrote it.
3) That I can do WHATEVER I WANT in my journals, so this beginning to add stuff besides what I write (COLOR!) thing is entirely up to me.

Amy said...

1. There are no rules to follow.
2. With art journaling- it's not about the product but expressing yourself.
3. There are no rules to follow.

Lisa said...

1. encaustic: learning a new process and the joy that comes from finally "getting it"

2. photography: photographing an ordinary object from a perspective that makes the viewer say " what is that?!"

3. happy accidents!

Ramblings of a Peace Corps Volunteer said...

Hmm..the three things I love about art journaling:

1. I don't always have to put my feelings and emotions into words

2. I love how I treat every piece of paper (and not always paper) as fodder for art journal pages

3. Putting on music and spending the day cutting and pasting is probably my favorite thing to do.

Thanks for the chance to win.

NM_Creatrix said...

3 things
satisfaction, a creative boost when I see my idea in actual fact and the actual piece hanging in my studio

robyn said...

three things that I truly love about all my different areas of art:
1. the satisfaction of production and having a finished, completed piece that I created, in my hands
2. getting to play and experiment
3. losing myself and disconnecting from all the stress to get in that creative zone where time just flies
(robayre at aol dot com)

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